Fall 2004 • Issue 15, page 2

Edythe Bronston Honored with Robert C Warren Service Award

By Mosier, Robert*

By the time you read this Loyola II will be history. As of this date (about three weeks before the two-day seminar on the A-Z of receiverships), the event is sold out. Our faculty members have tendered their materials for publication, and all systems are go. We are forecasting an excellent seminar – one that may eclipse its predecessor — Loyola I — in substance, attendance and overall contribution to the receiver community.

Our temporary “Dean” of Loyola II, the architect and builder of the program agenda and presentations (substance and flow) is Edythe L. Bronston. Ms. Bronston is a natural for this type of instructional work, bringing to bear years of experience in representing the Educational Section on Receiverships at the California State Bar. She is also a long-term player in California Bankruptcy Forum conferences, and in educational programs at both state and national levels. It is my personal conviction that there is no California practitioner more knowledgeable about receiverships than is Edy.

The California Receivers Forum has acknowledged her efforts that are well above and beyond the call of duty by honoring Edy with the very special Robert C. Warren Service Award, named for the late Bob Warren, who personified the very finest qualities of personal and professional demeanor. Edy is the inaugural recipient of this award, in recognition of her sterling personal qualities and the giving of her time, energy and expertise in a selfless fashion to make the California Receivers Forum a statewide success and improve receivership practice.

Edy is, of course, both a very fine lawyer specializing in financial and receivership law and a highly-respected federal and state court receiver. She did me the honor of attending my holiday luncheon last year, where I asked her (and each of my guests) to recount their most interesting case. Edy told of her fascinating experience stepping into the middle of production of a stalled movie, tasked by the lender to complete the film. I will be watching the Academy Awards this year to see if she wins (or is at least nominated for) the “Best Performance by a Receiver in Film Production” Oscar. If her movie producing skills are as good as her legal, receiver and teaching skills, the film was undoubtedly a hit and she’s a shoo-in.


To underscore the truly statewide attendance at the seminar, we’ve added CRF member’s chapter affiliations to the photo caption ID’s— “SF/BA” for the Bay Area, “LA/OC” for Los Angeles/Orange County, “SAC” fof Sacramento, “SD” for San Diego and “CC” for Central California. Truly a cosmopolitan group!

*MR. MOSIER has served as a judicial receiver and federal trustee (among other assignments) in state and federal court for the past 18 years. He has worked as a turnaround specialist for the past 30 years.