Fall 2009 • Issue 34, page 14

All's in Play at Q & A in Old LA on Darwin Day

By Rense, Kirk*

The Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter of the CRF held one of a series of luncheon educational programs at the Buchalter Nemer office in Downtown Los Angeles on August 20, 2009.

“Ask the Commissioner and Receivers” was the title and agenda, with senior Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Bruce E. Mitchell, Buchalter Nemer partner Michael Wachtell, long-time bankruptcy trustee and receiver Byron Z. Moldo (Ervin Cohen & Jessup, LLP) fielding questions from the 80-plus persons attending.

Kevin Singer (Receivership Specialists) moderated the event, which was built around forty-nine topical receivership questions presented for discussion. The program was a sell-out, as can be gleaned from the attached photos. This is one of a successful series of luncheon events, with only two left this year – “How to Sell Real Estate through a Partition Action or Receivership” (October 27) and “Receivership 101” (November 16).

Box lunches at bargain prices were provided as usual at the program, which drew attendees from both the legal and real property professional communities.

These luncheon programs are being presented by the LA/OC Chapter of the CRF in furtherance of its mandate to promote professionalism in the receivership community and to educate the business community to the many uses of and flexibility of receivers and receiverships to address specific business/litigation problems.

*Darwin Day – On this date in 1858 Charles Darwin first published his theory of evolution in The Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London (alongside Alfred Russell Wallace’s similar theory). This has nothing to do with the referenced program, but I needed an additional rhyme for the head. Ed.