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Loyola Law School’s Interim Dean, Brietta R. Clark

The California Receivers Forum (“CRF”) has maintained a 20-year relationship with Loyola Law School, which …

Summer 2023 | Issue 78kevin-singer
Publisher’s Comments Summer 2023 • Issue 78

We are celebrating a twenty-year relationship with Loyola Law School as we announce our Loyola …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78

Editor’s Comments Summer 2023 • Issue 78

Man, oh man, are the readers in for a treat. In addition to our regular …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78

Loyola Symposium X Announcement

As the national economy continues to shift and we head into another potentially contentious election …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78
A Receiver’s Challenge: Evaluating Stalled,Distressed Construction Projects

Most lenders and many investors do not want to complete a distressed construction project without …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78

CRF’s Great Turnout at the California Bankruptcy Forum’s 35th Annual Insolvency Conference

We hope you were able to attend this year’s 2023 California Bankruptcy Forum’s 35th Annual …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78

Receiverships are a Viable Remedy to Community Eyesores Receivership Before/After

Health and Safety (“H&S”) receiverships are codified at California H&S sections 17980.6 & 17980.7. These …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78

A Growing Need for Receivers: Commercial Office in Distress

As receivers, we’ve all seen a variety of financial and economic factors over the years …

, Summer 2023 • Issue 78douglas-wilson ryan-baker
Richard Munro: A KIWI Living the American Dream!

During his primary school years, Richard Munro grew up on a farm with his parents …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78

Ask The Receiver Summer 2023 • Issue 78

Q: In a receivership I just wrapped up, the court approved my final account and …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78peter-a-davidson
Heard in the Halls: Summer 2023 • Issue 78

Welcome to the latest edition of Heard in the Halls. Please provide your snippets of …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78

Tax Talk: Tips for Receivers; Appointment Orders

An order appointing a receiver should authorize the receiver to meet tax reporting and payment …

Summer 2023 • Issue 78chad-c-coombs-2
Partition Referees and Receivers Have Quasi-judicial  Immunity

A number of articles previously published in Receivership News have pointed out that while it …

Spring 2023 • Issue 77

Can the receivership court stay lawsuits?

Q: I was appointed as a state court receiver over a corporation. There are a …

Corporation filed bankruptcy, can I demand payment for the cost of turning over the assest?

Q: I was appointed as receiver for some major assets owned by a corporation. I …

Spring 2023 • Issue 77

A Chip and A Chair

Shuffle up and Deal! The time has come, the table is set, and the market …

Spring 2023 • Issue 77daniel-miggins
Michael Muse-Fisher: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Receiverships

As is typical for most elementary school-age children, for as long as I can remember …

Spring 2023 • Issue 77michael-muse-fisher
The California Receivers Forum Gets A Digital Upgrade

Over the past year, CRF has been working diligently to improve services to members and …

Spring 2023 • Issue 77amy-olsen
Revisiting Distressed Hotels: Post Covid Recovery and the Outlook on Defaults and Insolvencies

The COVID-19 pandemic brought profound impacts to the hospitality industry. Few other sectors of the …

Spring 2023 • Issue 77dennis-gemberling
Kern County’s Judge Thomas S. Clark

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing the Honorable Judge Thomas S. Clark, who is …

Spring 2023 • Issue 77kevin-singer
Tax Talk: Filing Income Tax Returns

One of the first and most basic tax issues a receiver must address when taking …

Spring 2023 • Issue 77chad-c-coombs-2
Loyola IX Symposium – Finally!

Check out the complete gallery of photos taken at the symposium. Since the Loyola Symposium …

Summer 2022 • Issue 75

Creative Solutions for a High-Profile Receivership: Inside the Bel Air Hadid House Receivership

Many in the receivership community, as well as the general public, are familiar with the …

Summer 2022 • Issue 75douglas-wilson
Back to the Future: Non-Performing Construction and Development Loan Workouts

This is not necessarily about now. This is about a day in the future. One …

Summer 2022 • Issue 75david-wald
In Memoriam: Summer 2022

In a world full of uncertainty, one factor we can all count on is the …

Summer 2022 • Issue 75
Ask The Receiver: Summer 2022

Q: I am a receiver in a partnership dispute case. I have been served with …

Summer 2022 • Issue 75

Heard in the Halls: Summer 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of Heard in the Halls. Please provide your snippets of …

Summer 2022 • Issue 75michael-muse-fisher
Tax Talk: Qualified Settlement Funds

In certain circumstances, a receivership may create a new and separate entity for income tax …

Summer 2022 • Issue 75chad-c-coombs-2
The Danger Factor in Receiverships:  Be Smart

One of the most concerning aspects of representing receivers and their teams in a contentious …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76richard-p-ormond
Ask The Receiver: Winter 2022 • Issue 76

Q:  A few months ago I was appointed receiver over an operating business. A party …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76

Evolution of A Good Thing

Toward the end of the 1990’s and turning the millennium corner, Peter Davidson was the …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76jeanne-b-sleeper
Byron Moldo: He almost was a photographer

When I was a sophomore in college, I was confus ed about my future. On …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76byron-moldo
The Brewing Economic Storm and the Role of Proper Environmental Due Diligence

As most of us are aware by now, the Federal Open Market Committee (the “Fed”) …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76david-copp
CRF Membership Delivers Valuable Benefits 

The California Receiver’s Forum means something different to each one of us. For some, it …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76daniel-miggins
Tax Closure

Under the federal priority statute, 31 U.S.C. Section 3713, a receiver of an insolvent estate …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76chad-c-coombs-2
Publisher’s Comments Winter 2022 • Issue 76

I am honored that Bob Mosier asked me to take over as publisher of this …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76dominic-lobuglia
Editor’s Comments Winter 2022 • Issue 76

After 11 years in the role, Kathy Bazoian Phelps has decided to hang up her …

Winter 2022 • Issue 76michael-muse-fisher
Interview with the UpcomingLoyola X Keynote Speaker: Bob Mosier

For anyone in the know, the name Bob Mosier is synonymous with receiverships. Not only …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79ryan-baker
Editor’s Comments Fall 2023 • Issue 79

Welcome to another blockbuster issue of Receivership News! CRF is gearing up for what promises …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79michael-muse-fisher
Loyola X:Riding The Economic Wave

The California Receivers Forum, in conjunction with Loyola Law School of Los Angeles, will co-host …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79
The Differences in How to Sell Real Estate and Partnership Interests in Real Estate: Brokerage and Auction

Brokerage sales and auctions are both methods of effectuating public sales of real estate and …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79todd-wohl
Receivership Case Law Updates: Recent California Cases Impacting Receiverships

REC NEWS Winter’03-FINAL.qxd 1. WB Music Corp v. Royce Int’l Broad Corp., 47 F.4th 944 …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79jarrett-osborne-revis
Receivers’ Use of Writs of Possession toObtain Custody of Real Property

When a receiver is appointed over real property whether directly, or indirectly as receiver of …

, Fall 2023 • Issue 79chase-stone peter-a-davidson
Farewell Amy Olsen and Her Wonderful Team

If you know anything about Amy Olsen, she is always there to get things done, …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79
Meet Kyra Andrassy: Music Enthusiast, Receivership Guru, and Bird Launcher

Like many of you, I became a lawyer by default. When I was twelve, I …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79kyra-andrassy
Ask The Receiver Fall 2023 • Issue 79

Q I was involved in a now-closed receivership. I want access to some of the …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79peter-a-davidson
Tax Talk: Worker Classification

Whether by mistake or on purpose, businesses may improperly treat their workers as independent contractors …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79
Heard in the Halls Fall 2023 • Issue 79

Welcome to the latest edition of Heard in the Halls. Please provide your snippets of …

Fall 2023 • Issue 79ryan-baker