Editorial Policy

Editorial Guidelines

Requests for reprint permission should be sent to deb@groupconcepts.org.

PDF copies of past issues are available on this website, so past issues of printed newsletters are generally not available.

Receivership News welcomes submissions of well-reasoned, well-written articles on topics impacting the administration of receivership matters. In offering a forum for the continuing dialogue of controversial issues, Receivership News takes no position on who is right or wrong, but rather accepts and publishes high caliber contributions containing differing opinions.

Submission Guidelines

Articles should be submitted to CRF State Office – PO Box 10, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267, derek@groupconcepts.org

Please provide one double-spaced copy of the manuscript submitted for consideration along with the manuscript via email attachment in a Microsoft WORD® format.

Authors must assign all rights, including copyright, to Receivership News as a condition of publication. Absent authors making different pre-submission copyright arrangements, assignment of the copyright is deemed to occur concurrently with the submission of the article for consideration, subject to acceptance by Receivership News. Absent agreement to the contrary, Receivership News enjoys the right to grant permission to reprint any article appearing in the Receivership News and retains the copyright to each article published.

Manuscripts and letters to the editor submitted to Receivership News are subject to editing. 

All publishing and editorial decisions, including the publishing and placement of advertising content, are reserved for Receivership News based upon the Receivership News editors’ and publisher’s exclusive judgment and sole discretion. Such decisions are based on multiple factors, including, but not limited to, the content, style, professionalism, format, nature of material, timeliness, space limitations, and relevance to the Receivership News recipients, taking into consideration the California Receivers Forum’s mission. The mission is to provide a forum for open communication and education concerning all legal, procedural and administrative aspects of judicially appointed receivers and to raise the level of professionalism in this are through education of members and dissemination of information (both for the courts and within the membership).

Receivership News is published by the California Receivers Forum, a not-for-profit association. Articles in this publication express the opinions of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the directors, officers or members of the California Receivers Forum. Articles are intended as a source of general information and should not be construed as specific advice without further inquiry and/or consultation with professional counsel.